Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oscars 2016 my Best Dressed List

Doesn't everyone just love Awards Season? There are celebrities, fashion and gossip everywhere you look and boy is it entertaining!! 

This past weekend was the Oscars and everyone was definitely rooting for Leonardo Dicaprio to win (myself included) and he did win, and what a glorious time it was! haha I am just so happy for him. He is an amazing actor and deserves the recognition just like the rest of the nominees!

But, I am not here to talk about the Oscars per say but to take a look at my favorite looks from the red carpet and some of the after parties.

 So here are a few of my favorites: 

1. Rachel McAdams- I just loved her look on the red carpet as well as the after party. Even though she wore similar dresses I think they looked amazing on her! She was definitely glowing 

2. Jennifer Lawrence- I loved her look at the After Party! Young and sophisticated! Didn't really like her red carpet gown as much 

 3. Taylor Swift-After Party look; similar to Jennifer Lawrence's, I thought she looked great!

4. Selena Gomez- I thought her dress was really cool in that metallic silver

 5. Nina Dobrev- Loved her princess look and she was also just glowing! 

 6. Miranda Kerr- Her dress was definitely made for a supermodel! Only she could pull something off like that and look amazing! 

7. Charlize Theron- Another red gown! Looks gorgeous on  her and I love the train

8. Olivia Wilde- looked stunning in this dress! I like how she is showing some skin at the top but the bottom is super flowy and girly

 9.Jessica Biel- Such a pretty dress! Again another high slit gown but I love how the top is sparkly and fun 

10. Isla Fisher- She is as cute as a button! I thought her dress was adorable and made her look super cute 

11. Kate Winslet- Gotta love her! I thought her dress was intriguing, the metallic was gorgeous with that print on it!

12. Brie Larson- This dress just makes me think of royalty! The blue is vibrant and looks beautiful on her and that belt is just the perfect touch to make the dress pop!

13. Cate Blanchette- This dress just makes me excited for spring! She looks so fresh and beautiful and couture

14. Jennifer Garner- She looks amazing in this black sophisticated dress. I am actually more interested in her shoes! They are beautiful

15. Diane Kruger- There's something special about this dress. I love the color and the lace and bead work! Just stunning on her 

 16.Kate Beckinsale- This is just a sleek, modern dress and I think it shows off her figure and makes her look statuesque! She's gorgeous!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know which one was you favorite best dressed ;)

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